Events & Promotions


I have a regular gig on Make Mine Mystery every third Thursday of each month. You can always find my old and new posts at:

February 6th -I’m featured for a month on the blog of S.J. Francis where S.J. interviews me at:

February 8th – I’m participating on a Sisters in Crime author panel at the Mobile Writers Guild in Mobile, Alabama arranged with Mississippi Delta author Carolyn Haines. The Writers Guild meeting and our panel will take place from 9:00 a.m. until around noon at the Somi House at 4351 Midmost Drive Mobile, AL 36609.

February 19th – Back to Make Mine Mystery blog Make Mine Mystery February 2016 post The subject of my regularly scheduled every-third-Thursday post on Make Mine Mystery will be about the above Mystery Writers Guild event and the meetings with Carolyn Haines.

March 12th – My post about finding plot ideas will appear on the Writers Who Kill blog at: Writers Who Kill Blog Post

March 18th – Joining six other authors at Barnes and Noble in Brentwood, Tennessee for a Meet and Greet.

April 11th through April 23rd – Kaye George visits my blog with her third book in her Fat Cat series that she writes under her author name of Janet Cantrell. I will be interviewing Kaye aka Janet Cantrell. As some of you know, her prior book in this series became a national bestseller. Let’s hope this newest will do the same.

April 26th – I will host Marilyn Meredith with her newest book and yet another of her interesting posts about her writing world.

May 24th – I’ll appear on B.K. Stevens’ First Two Pages blog with my Grabbers and Hookers Post. This is a great blog for writers and aspiring writers to see how published authors define why they wrote the words they did in their first two pages.

July 17th – I’ll post on Novel Spaces blogspot for the first time. Like Make Mine Mystery, I will now have be a regular monthly guest on this post. I will appear on Novel Spaces on the 17th of each month.

August 19th – My Killer Nashville Panels – Friday August 19th. I’ll be in the Sycamore Room at the Embassy Hotel in Franklin, Tennessee from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. for an interactive workshop on Building Your Network at Killer Nashville. At 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. I’ll be in the Magnolia (4) Oak Hickory room as panel moderator for How To Write Effective Plots and Twists.

September 15th. I’ll be at the Bouchercon New Orleans conference 9/15 through 9/17. On the first day, I’ll be at the Continuous Conversation Author Panel from 1:45 to 2:45 p.m.

October 1st and 2nd – Fall Fest at the Andrew Jackson Hermitage, Hermitage, Tennessee. Click here Link to Fall Fest The Hermitage to see this spectacular celebration of fall with music, talent shows, and general fun. I’ll be there with a group of authors.

October 14th through 16th – The Humanities of Tennessee puts on the Southern Festival of Books once more. Here’s the link: The Southern Festival of books 2016. I’m on a author’s panel again this year. Three o’clock on Sunday. I’m also participating at the Sisters in Crime booth this year.