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My next blog visit is May 30th when I am guested by B.K. Stevens on her renowned First Two Pages blogspot. Come on over on May 30th or check it out now and see who she is hosting today at: BK Stevens Mystery blogspot. Something interesting is always going on at BK’s First Two Pages.

June 5th through June 11th I’ll be at the International Thriller Writer Roundtable participating with a small group of other authors discussing the topic of: What was the novel that turned you into a writer? Hope you’ll stop by at: ITW Roundtable June 6 thru 11, 2017

I have a regular monthly gig on Make Mine Mystery. You can always find me there with a new post on the third Thursday of any month at:

On the 17th of any month, you can find me over at Novel Spaces at:

Author S.J. Francis interviewed me last year. This is a current post, but the information is up to date. The link is: